Make It Monday–Canvas Painting with The Neon Barbie

Twitters very own crafting queen The Neon Barbie has been so kind as to guest post for me today and I could not be more excited!!!!! I don’t feel like there’s anyway I could introduce her that would express how awesome she is so I wont. Just read and obsess with me. Let’s start crafting!

Not only do I have a home décor obsession, but if you know anything about this Neon Barbie, you know the only way I get through life is with DIY projects. These adorable quote canvases are the perfect accent to any room and can even make a great gift. I love anything that is custom made to what I want and affordable. All materials cost me under $15 at Michaels and you can even up-cycle materials  of your own!

Here’s what you need to grab at your local craft store:


-acrylic paint in colors of your choice

-Plastic based sticker letters (I highly suggest you grab 2 packs to ensure you have enough and not paper based or they’ll melt and ruin it plus they don’t come off!)

-adhesive spray

-modge podge (optional)

-paint brush

-fabric scraps, patterned paper, stickers, any other pretty materials you want to use as the background for your letters



First, before you dive into your project and ruin your beautifully blank canvas, go on Microsoft word and create a template for yourself. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Guys, I could seriously create an entire DIY fail board from the amount of disasters I’ve created. My second time around on any DIY project, it usually comes out perfect. I get so excited to craft that I forget to think about what I want my final product to look like. This time, I was much smarter.  Just trust me, you’ll thank me later.


Once you have a sample of your vision, lay some newspaper down to protect your surface and place your canvas on it.

The first part of the project on the canvas will be your letters. You can do this one of two ways: Cover the entire canvas with paint/fabric/paper, or measure the area of your words and cover just these smaller areas, leaving the rest of the canvas blank. You can brush a thin layer of acrylic paint directly onto the canvas or you can use the adhesive spray to tack down other materials.


Use the string and/or ruler to guide your letter-sticker placement. Be sure that any paint or adhesive has dried before placing these stickers on, as we will be removing them later on!


Once all of your letters/quotes are perfected, grab your background color of acrylic paint and a clean paint brush. Swipe your color all over the entire canvas, being extra gentle around the letter stickers (try not to squish any paint under the stickers, and keeping the layer of paint thin.


Let it dry thoroughly and repeat until you have achieved the desired amount of coverage and/or color pop!

Don’t forget to paint the sides of the canvas!! I did ONE super thin layer of paint for this.

Let it dry over night.

The next day, peel off stickers (you might need to use tweezers!)

NOTE: You can coat your canvas in a layer of modge podge if desired. I recommend this for canvases with a lot of heavier/more textured materials.

Rest it on a dresser or hang it up where everyone can see your gorgeous new wall art!


HOW FUN WAS THAT? I’m bowing down to the Queen of all Crafts. Go follow her!

For more crafts follow my Pinterest board!


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