Shoegasm Saturday–The Loubi Edition.

We all knew this was coming right? Welcome to an all Loubi edition of Shoegasm Saturday. Christian Louboutin is a genius. I mean I don’t even, I can’t even. I DIE. Obsess with me.

5db9af8d21a72dd000b41ac0a66189b0 8b818b7cb704e5c93281d3eb8da134f2 9ec5614889eb8d6f1090f8edad4fac2e 71f13f31bc0347482252c900859489da 747b5bd57f96d0c9e2b2e89f8b6a0955 8584ec184482a5294e1e4dac7a927f5e b7aeaccae077629251b8a222b05d60c4 c4ade970f1f7e114bc49ed8eec41ff53 f68d768cd412a38bc5c961fe896a414a ff815c3f1d776c82edc331d4bdce8616 f500d72e35ef424f789da9c7a477f81d 5fa6f2c0e83bca5bab8f9c25b2f607bd




The man is a genius. GENIUS.


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