Thirsty Thursday–Simply Apple is what Fall tastes like.

If Fall had a taste it would taste like Simply Apple apple juice. Long time fan of pulp free Simply Orange OJ, I recently stumbled upon Simply Apple during a trip to Target. Side note, I went there for dog food and ended up spending roughly $45 on wine, taquitos, nail polish, and other randoms. Witchcraft. Anyway, once I took that first glorious sip of Simply Apple I had that one thought that brought me back to my college days:  “You know what would make this even better? Alcohol.” Scanning the pages of Pinterest I found this:




Simply Apple and Smirnoff Caramel vodka. Simple, quick, and delicious. Not into vodka? No problem, substitute in my lover Fireball Whiskey for a cinnamon twist! Enjoy!

For this recipe and more come drink with me on Pinterest!–


One thought on “Thirsty Thursday–Simply Apple is what Fall tastes like.

  1. authorkathryn says:

    That is amazing – pure genius! I will definitely need to try this! I may even try sprinkling a little bit of cinnamon in with the apple & caramel! And side note – I always leave Target with wayyyy more items than I originally intended.

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