Make It Monday–Monogrammed Printables

I love a good printable. Print something cute on photo paper/card stock, frame it, and people think you’re artsy. Need to dress up a plain white binder? There’s a printable for that. Need a quick calendar? Got it. I even use printables in the classroom! They’re essential. What about monogrammed printables? Well, there’s a website for that. One of the very first blogs I ever found was by For Chic Sake and it is literally a crafty girls own personal heaven, but recently, For Chic Sake released a website called where you can get your own printable monograms FOR FREE! Here’s a few that I made:

monogram Capture mono


The ladies at For Chic Sake are so sweet and so talented and I am so thankful that they have made a site like this available to monogramaholics. Here’s the link!

*****FOR PCs: To save on your computer, click the start button, click accessories, click snipping tool, use it like you would if you were cropping a picture, once you have the area click save, save to desktop.*****

For these crafts and more visit my Crafty board on Pinterest–


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