Spotlight Sunday–PreppyPinkShop

I had been following PreppyPinkShop on Instagram for quite a while before I realized that the skirts and pillows I had been lusting after were actually made by her! Run by an amazingly talented teacher, yes we do more than teach, PreppyPinkShop has adorable skirts in pretty much any Lilly Pulitzer print you can think of and not only does she do Lilly but wait for SHE DOES GAMEDAY SKIRTS TOO. Picture this: a skirt with your favorite teams’ logo all over it, paired with a cute top, a pair of Jacks, and of course a bow. PREPPY PERFECTION RIGHT?! Naturally I had to have one. If you didn’t know I grew up in the Virginia woods and  I am a DIEHARD Redskins fan, like propose to me at FedEx field, HTTR, DIEHARD FAN. So imagine my delight when I received this beauty from the PreppyPinkShop. THE MORNING OF GAMEDAY

photo 1

It was like Christmas and I may or may not have squealed like a five year old.

Not a Skins fan? First of all, bless your heart. Second of all,

photo 2

and third, don’t worry PreppyPinkShop literally has it all! So go check them out on Etsy and grab your gameday or Lilly skirts for you and your little psychos! Yes she makes doggy Lilly skirts too! I KNOW RIGHT? GO!

PreppyPinkShop on Etsy–

PreppyPinkShop on Instagram–

PreppyPinkShop on Twitter–


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