Pull yourself together Apple.

So OK I didn’t plan on posting today because I had like a zillion other things to do but then I managed to get them all done so I decided why not right? Let’s start by discussing the A word. Apple. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, have an android, or worse a Blackberry (are you stuck in the 90s? Should I send help?), you know that iOS 7 was released at 1PM EST, and all hell broke loose. In preparation, I like many iPhone users, cleaned out my phone last night, deleting old selfies, doggie pics, screenshots, and even memes, so long Britney memes. Its been real. At precisely 1:01pm I decided to give it a shot, much to my surprise I didn’t have enough disk space. LE WHAT?! WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! I CANT. So I decided to clean up my phone a little more. I deleted EVERYTHING. Every app, even Candy Crush, and still nothing. I decided to just give up. Screw it, I could live with an older version of software until I got my new iPhone right? I would suffer a little and be a bit jealous but I could do it right? I restarted my phone with serious disappointment. I TRUSTED YOU APPLE! YOU TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE IT. After an eternity, my iPhone turned back on and what did I find? “iOS 7 is ready to be installed.” Oh and the minutes are like microwave minutes.



In other non-Apple related news, I’m hosting a giveaway next week. What am I giving away? Well it rhymes with Pilly Lulitzer. I know right?! Stay tuned!



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