Make It Monday–Lilly take 2

I’m a sick little bear today but lucky for you guys I crafted last week. Like many of you I impulse buy…..anything and everything. An impulse purchase that I rediscovered last week was this hideous plain clear phone case with pink rubber around the edges. I don’t think I ever used it because it was literally the ugliest phone case I’d ever seen. So when in doubt….cover it with Lilly. On Sunday I broke out the old Lilly planner pages and the modge podge and set out to convert this unfortunate piece of plastic. After a few hours I had something beautiful.

$(KGrHqZHJDoFIS3m+NWPBSGGH+6D-Q~~60_12 Capture

Before                                                           After


Wanna make your own? The instructions are the same as the bow holder we did last week so simply click here! Or just click on the link under “Related articles” Whatever. Don’t forget the wine!


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