I consider myself a bit of a bow connoisseur. I know what I like and I don’t stop until I get it especially when it comes to bows. So, where do I get my bows? Virtually anywhere. Sometimes I come across a shop on etsy, twitter, or instagram but once I see it I’ve gotta have it. For todays post I am going to give you a peek at my bow collection, tell you where I got each one, and let you know some of my favorite places to get the perfect bow. First up, my Lilly bow. A while back I tweeted about needing a Lilly Pulitzer first impression bow. Knowing I’d seen one somewhere before I began the hunt. Lo and behold I found it.. Even better, I could customize it, meaning, I could monogram it.  All on etsy from the lovely Glitzy Southern Chic.I could basically hear the choir of angels singing. I had to have it and of course a few more too.

photo 1

Next up we have seersucker, I know, I know, its not technically seersucker season, but hey a girl needs to be prepared right? For the most adorable seersucker and just PERFECT bows head over to Devon Alana Designs on Etsy and while you’re there snag yourself a tshirt…or 3.

photo 4

Side Note: Both of these companies can customize your bow with your sorority letters. Ya, I’d do it if I were you.

On to an oldie but goodie, the hardest working ladies in the monogram business, Marley Lilly. I can’t even begin to express how much I love ML but I can say that if you’re looking for a monogrammed _______________, you can probably get it from Marley Lilly. This bow was my very first monogrammed bow and quite possibly the one that started my monogram bow addiction and for that, I thank them. PS: They having a flash sale tonight 8pm EST. You’re Welcome.

photo 5

But what about a plain bow. For just whenever? Just a small or large plain bow? Need it ASAP? Michael’s. Got a few weeks to spare? Kiss My Southern Sass.

photo 2 photo 3




Marley Lilly–

Glitzy Southern Chic–

Devon Alana Designs–

Kiss My Southern Sass–


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