Make It Monday–Glitter Gameday

Praise the LAWD, football is back! I love everything about game days whether its college or NFL, game day means themed foods, drinks, decor, and dressing up to get a little messed up. All day today I’ve been going through my Pinterest boards looking for any and all things football related and I stumbled across this little beauty:



Where to begin, well first of all you need a canvas, duh, spray paint, glitter, hair spray, clear school glue (maybe modge would be better?), a pencil, and a print out of your favorite teams logo. Paint the entire canvas your teams color…..or chevron it! OR GET CREATIVE WHATEVER! Once thats dried, trace the cutout of your logo with a pencil, next, and here’s where I think modge may be better, fill in the logo outline with adhesive and glitter. Once you’ve removed the stray glitter break out the hair spray and seal that baby! Pour yourself a drink and relax while everything dries completely. Whether you’re SEC or ACC this craft is super simple, super cute, and super festive. Love it.

For more detailed instructions click here—->Glitter Gameday Canvas

For this craft and more click here—-> SFGP Craft City


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