Spotlight Sunday–Fall=Mall?

Happy September! Fall is right around the corner and the temperatures will soon start to drop, for me that usually means going from 90* days to 79* days…so intense I know. But on those super rare occasions when it actually does get cold down here I always find myself staring at my weather channel app and then at my closet and then declaring that oh so common phrase “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!” This year I’m going to be prepared. I swear. I’ve already begun the process of updating my wardrobe and transitioning from a summer wardrobe to a fall wardrobe. But how you ask? Well kittens, grab a pencil, some paper, and buckle up. I’m going to tell you what to add, where to get it, and how to wear it.

Fall means bundling up….but not so bundly yet right? I mean it’s ONLY September, lets not go crazy yet. What are a few things you can add? BLAZERS. COLORFUL BLAZERS. Blazers are so versatile. Put one over a dress for a quick lunch date, Pair a bright one with jeans and heels for a casual look or add it to a neutral pair of pants or skirt for a day at the office. Not into blazers? Try an oversized sweater or even a sweater that combines the coziness of cotton with the sexiness and lightness of lace. Sweaters can be worn so many different ways and really it depends on the type of sweater, is it a pullover? A button up? A cardigan? A cropped? An oversized? When shopping for sweaters, remember:


My new favorite blazer–

Lace back sweater–

Monogrammed Sweaters–

Now onto feet. Don’t get me wrong. I love to break out my UGGs but in certain social situations UGGs are not acceptable. Enter the riding boot. Cognac, tan, brown, black, yes give me them all, I NEED THEM! paired with jeans, leggings, skirts, perfection.

Riding boots–

So yes, while Fall may equal mall it doesn’t have to make you feel that overwhelming sense of guilt. Supplementing your wardrobe is much easier, responsible, and less stressful than building a new one. So make some tea, head over to my Pinterest–SFGPs Perfect Closet–and get inspired. Namaste.


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