Thirsty Thursday

Who’s thirsty?! IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND! PRAISE THE LAWD. I’ve been watching  last weeks poll and surprisingly you guys all want vodka! YOU SCREAM, I SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR BELVIE! Here we go! First of all I personally consider vodka more of a mixing type of alcohol and am more partial to Belvedere and Svedka…sometimes Sky but for flavored I’d go with a Three Olives/Smirnoff, my Bachelors degree is currently sobbing, anyway on to our cocktail of the night. Like I said, I’m more partial to the brands above but recently I came across a simple to make pregame cocktail recipe that is low cal and all you need are two ingredients:


Smirnoff Raspberry Pomegranate and Pom Blue Acai flavored water. You can pick up the one in the picture at Walmart, I know, but its 0 CAL! Kind of worth the excursion to the depths of hell right? I like to add Frozen blueberries or grapes to mine to keep it cold rather than ice cubes which tend to water down your cocktail. Annoying. The best part is you’re hydrating while you drink! Remember! Even a little water goes a long way! Look for flavored waters with little or no sugar/sodium, these two won’t keep you hydrated! For more drink recipes , head over to my Pinterest page and look for the Lets Get Drunk board! Happy Thirstday lovers



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