Make it Mondays!

I like to believe that there is a glittery, bubbly, sorority princess that lives inside of all of us. Regrettably Greek life was nonexistent at my school and I never had the pleasure of rushing. I know, so incredibly tragic, I’m still not over it, instead I devoted all of my crafting techniques and abilities to making the cutest bows etc. for cheerleading in college and other dorm necessities. Here in my post grad life I’m still crafting! Whether its for the home, classroom, or my Kiss My Southern Sass Big, Gbig or twins (Hot Damn Lush Fam) I don’t see myself ever finding a craft that makes me go “meh no I don’t want to.” That being said, I thought to myself…..You guys are crafty……bid day just happened… guys are probably in a crafty mood too! So…welcome to Make It Monday. Make it Monday will feature a craft I’ve hand selected from my Pinterest page that I think you guys may like or that I am working on that week BUT and here comes the fun part, every so often You’ll be able to craft with Twitter’s own DIY craft queen NEON BARBIE! I know I’m absurdly excited!!


For now head over to my Pinterest and check out just a few of the crafts I have in mind for you guys! Click here!


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