Spotlight Sunday–BthreeButtons

Okay, so lately I’ve been really in love with accessories, finding the perfect piece to either make an outfit or complement it and recently I took the plunge and joined Etsy. I know. One more addiction. BUT. On Etsy I came across this adorable little accessories boutique called BthreeButtonsI know what you’re thinking, how can buttons be cute? Well thats just it. THEY AREN’T BUTTONS! They’re earrings! Perfectly adorable, preppy, outfit completing earrings! Think BthreeButtons may be too preppy for you? Not to worry, there’s a fabric and print for everyone! After receiving my earrings in the mail, I was positive that I was in love with this company.

Here are the two pairs I picked out for myself!

photo (1)

Blue seersucker and Pink Gingham. So perfect I could die.

Check them out!



Owners Blog–


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