Holy Shoegasm.

You guessed it! Saturdays are now reserved for shoes. Welcome to Shoegasm Saturdays. Why? Because sometimes you just need to lust over the perfect pair of shoes…or TEN! Every picture will come directly from my Pinterest Shoegasm” board. All shoes, all pictures, very few words. Why? Because the perfect pair of shoes can leave you speechless. Welcome to heaven ladies.

Prada c571746accb8905df6c6014a07f49488 b17b9ba08af257545c8de0335675294e

Prada                                                       Steve Madden                                                       Saint Laurent

788ff8e0435280449019ad65af26c1fa 765fb611a9d5f95e2d2db5746ae0d795 32f804c69b218649c4a267322a9bcbaf

Chiq.com                                   pret-a-beaute.com                                              Shoedazzle

7ad6a11c2a02cc0f73f41bb0e5a46c70 6d0377be1092188710cfa91697c70cf7

Shoedazzle                                                     GoJane.com…..couldn’t find them though

2a670ee94db41896b35516ceff02ead4 1ced29445b7766b5258b563db6c731cb


Bottega Veneta Fall 2013                        Loubis


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