Food Fridays

Welcome to yet another new weekly series that you’ll be able to find here on MLP, Food Fridays! On Food Fridays, You’ll be able to find recipes that I’ve either personally made or found while browsing Pinterest. Somewhere in the post you’ll find a link to my Pinterest of course. At the conclusion of the post you’ll find a link to my “Munchies” board as well as a link to the website the recipe can be found on. If the recipe featured is one I’ve actually done before that weeks post you will get to see pictures of my kitchen shenanigans and of course the end result. Food Fridays will be posted Fridays around 6pm EST!

Now onto this weeks featured recipe!

As many of you know I am lactose intolerant, tragic I know. Well on Wednesday night I found myself fresh out of faux ice cream and dying for a sweet treat so naturally…….I turned to Pinterest. After searching and scouring I came across this pin for 95 calorie banana ice cream. Too good to be true right? Determined, I grabbed a cookie and started making a shopping list.

The next day, yesterday, post Starbies and Target I froze half of one banana in a small ziplock bag and waited. Once my banana froze I pulled up the recipe– and looked at the ingredients picture.


I mean clearly she forgot the wine right? What else are you supposed to do while everything is blending? In addition to adding a little vino to myself, I subbed the PB2 for regular peanut butter (1 tablespoon), used vanilla almond milk, added one packet of stevia, a bit of all natural vanilla extract, and added a few semi-sweet chocolate chips because duh.

Next I threw everything into the blender and took a big gulp of wine.  After waiting for about a whole glass of wine or until it was creamy, my ingredients looked this:

photo 1 (2)

and it smelled like heaven. Next I poured it into to small glass custard bowls,photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)

not to worry though mason jars or any other glass bowl/container will work just fine.

photo 4

After covering, I placed the two bowls in the freezer and poured myself another glass of wine. After 5 minutes in the freezer I took out my creamy creation only to find that it wasn’t ready. Tisk tisk recipe girl. I put it back in the freezer for 30 more minutes and perfection. Feel free to add more whole chocolate chips on top or eat it without either way I think you’ll love it.

photo 2 photo 3

With all of the additions, substitutions, changes I made to the initial recipe I can safely say that this recipe is still vegan and under 150 calories for both servings. Enjoy!

Pinterest board–

Recipe website–


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