Spotlight Sunday–Is this statement or stack I’m wearing?

Ever wonder what qualifies a piece of jewelry as statement or stackable? Well wonder no more. I am here to impart a little bit of the statement vs stacking knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. Generally speaking, a statement piece is jewelry that makes you go “Oh wow…..” Statement pieces are often times large, baubly, sparkly, and can be a bit intimidating. How should one wear a statement piece? I’m glad you asked. My standard rule is to down play the rest of your jewelry, statement pieces are there to MAKE A STATEMENTLet those babies shine! Are statements stackable? Usually? No. While there are a few exceptions to the rule, most of the time statement pieces tend to overshadow the other members of the stack. Speaking  of stacks lets talk about creating the perfect stack. The quintessential stack can be a collection of small pieces or one larger piece surrounded by several smaller pieces. Always remember to place the larger piece in the middle or near the beginning! Its all about balance my dears. Now onto the most important part, where to buy your stacks and statement pieces! A few of my absolute favorites: The Flaunt Shop, Derng, Swell Caroline, Marley Lilly, and a small company out of Destin, Florida called Frill Seekers Gifts. Lets see how much you’ve learned!


First up: My mystery piece from Derng–

photo 2IMG_7340


BOTH! Yes, you heard right. this baby can be worn solo or stacked with a larger piece! Not to worry Derng has an entire stackable section–

Next we have two gorgeous pieces from one of my favorites Swell Caroline–

IMG_7338 IMG_7339

This pretty little Palm tree beauty– is 100% STATEMENT. But what about this darling pearl bracelet?– BOTH! That’s right both. Just remember when including a bracelet like this in a stack the other pieces should complement it.

What about these two pieces from my personal fave The flaunt Shop?–


Both are quite obviously STATEMENT. Putting any other piece of jewelry with something as gorgeous as one of these would be absurd. Remember highlight the piece! Don’t overshadow it!

Last but certainly not least we have an adorable pink and green monogrammed cuff from the oh so fabulous and hardest working ladies in Destin, Florida Frill Seekers Gifts.–



STATEMENT! Absolutely statement! This is the kind of piece you want people to stop and notice! Cuffs this large are always statement pieces.

How do I stack? I always keep an eye out for little pieces! Like these beauties I snagged at Old Navy for $7!


Yes. All of them together for $7. I know, right?

Broken apart I paired one of the pearl bracelets with my Marley Lilly Anchor bracelet— and my Swell Caroline bone and gold chain link watch



Not sure you’re ready to dive into the statement piece deep end? Start off slow with the most basic yet adorable of all statement pieces. The bubble necklace.


Looking to dress up a plain t-shirt or oxford? Bubble it.



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