I love a good giveaway….

Me·men·to /[muh-men-toh] 1. An item that serves to remind one of a person or past event. 2. A Keepsake

Its day 2 of my Memento giveaway!! Memento is a small company that started in the basement of owner Terri Johnson and with just a simple commercial embroidery machine plus a bit of ambition, Terri grew Memento into a brand that anyone would be lucky to own a piece of. Memento has graciously asked me to partner with them and host a Summer Beach Essentials giveaway!


This week you can enter to win everything you need for the perfect day at the beach! From a beach spike to keep your drink sand free to a tote big enough to fit your towel, sunscreen, extra sunnies, Vogue (aka the bible), even baby psycho fits in it (trust me he tried). Although I do think my tote is pure perfection, I cant help but obsess over my drink spike


no one likes a sandy drink….gross.

So click here to enter!


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