Spotlight Sunday Revamp

After much thought I’ve decided to make a few changes to the way I’ve been doing the Spotlight Sunday portion of my blog for many reasons; the first being that I want to share more about my life!  I mean that is why I started this blog and the second being it’s a little hard to spread such a small amount of info about a company over the span of a week. SO, with that being said, here’s my solution: I will continue to feature small businesses and keep doing Spotlight Sunday every week because I do believe that it’s important to help get the word out about amazing small businesses. Instead of 5-6 days of posts I will feature the brand for 2-3 days (here, on twitter, and instagram) UNLESS the company has asked me to co-host a giveaway with them, only then will I do a week long feature. This may seem weird but honestly It gets difficult to post everyday when I only have about a paragraph of information. SO send me more info! If you want to be featured I want to know all about you! When you started, your products, your social media links; help me help you! If this sounds like something you’re interested in email me!


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