Adolescent Germ Factories….

Teachers are a rare breed of people; we willingly allow ourselves to be exposed to the most random and disgusting germs and diseases for several hours a day around 180 days out of the year, seems legit right? Wrong. As some of you may know, my daily extended interaction with children does not end when school ends, oh no, I am also a summer camp counselor. In the first 2 weeks alone I have been bled on, sneezed on, coughed on, and had a 6 year old use the back of my shirt as a snot rag. Lovely isn’t it? As I sit here on my couch curled up in my blanket lusting after the beautiful bottle of Cabernet in my refrigerator, my brain is slowly trying to comprehend the fact that the inevitable has happened, my immune system has been compromised, and nothing, not food, not water, NOTHING is willing to remain in my stomach. You win germ factories, you win. 


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